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Deciding to divorce your spouse is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make...call Peter J. Herrmann to explore your options Now!

People often spend years agonizing whether to end their marriage and start a new life or just try to fix what they have, especially for the children. But if a marriage is in turmoil, then you and your children are suffering. Deciding to take the first step is usually the hardest part. Where do I go for help? How does this process work? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Who can I trust? Why choose mediation over litigation?

By choosing mediation, you will be saving thousands of dollars! Because mediators rarely charge a retainer fee, they have lower hourly rates, and eliminate the need for expensive trials. As a divorce mediator, I will listen to both sides and offer input letting both you and your spouse make the final decisions. This method creates substantial savings over hiring (2) lawyers (one for each party) and paying for court fees and trials before a judge. You maintain your privacy by staying away from the court and you save time and money by not being away from work.

What our clients say

  • Jeff F.
    It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Herman. He made everything easy to comprehend, quick, affordable, he was accommodating, professional and always available . I got everything I needed and I would highly recommend him.
    Jeff F.
  • Maria
    I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service.  I was finally divorced yesterday. Since we did not reach a full agreement, the judge had to make the decision on the financial situation. I'm happy with the outcome. Again thanks so much for your help, it simplified the process and made it much easier.
    Happy holidays, hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time!
  • Matt
    Thank you for all of your help. Of all the cases we saw, the agreement you wrote for us was by far the most thorough and well written. Everything went well and we got exactly what was agreed on. The judge was hesitant about no child support because I make so much more than her but he said, "The agreement was well written and everything seemed fair." 
    Thank's again,
  • Mary
    "Sharron and I went to court on Tuesday and everything went smoothly.  As you suggested we went to the clerk when we first went into the courtroom and asked to be moved up on the docket.  We were seen second.  I want to thank you for your service and support over these last few months.  While divorce is never easy (nor is it suppose to be) I am so thankful there are people like you out there who can help us through it at an extremely reasonable price.  It occurred to me we probably could have figured out the paperwork ourselves, but the real value of your service was to keep the process moving and assure us that our agreements were reasonable.  You can be sure I will recommend you to anyone I know going through the same thing.  If you ever need a reference or a client who just wants to talk to someone who worked with you, don't hesitate to call me."  Thank you again.

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